Algebra 1 (Spring)

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Algebra 1 (Spring) Collette Connor

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07/14/2022 08:08 am/
11/30/2022 12:51 pm
Class Details
Floating Class:No
Term:Spring 2023
Description:This curriculum covers: positive and negative numbers, variables, graphs (lines, circles, ellipses, parabolas, hyperbolas), absolute value, metric conversions, negative and fractional exponents, square roots, factoring polynomials, and more. It is very important that the student has a good understanding of: fractions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), solving for an unknown, and basic graphing of linear equations. Each student will have access to a weekly video they can watch before coming to class to help assist them in their understanding of the lesson. This is very helpful if your family goes on vacation or needs to miss a week.
Requirements:Algebra 1 student pack; Google Classroom app; Marco Polo app; Parent's signature on student's weekly quizzes; All IEP students must be accompanied by a parent during each class
Category:Math - General Math
Homework:Up to 3 Hours Week
Enrollment Min/Max: Student : 5/14 (Waitlist)
Billable Hours Per Week:2
Admin Tier:Core
Admin Fee:$4, Term Total = $128
Class Fee:$140
Supply Fee:$5
Class Schedules
MondayRoom 2061:001:00 pm
1:50 pm
WednesdayRoom 2061:001:00 pm
1:50 pm

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