Geometry (Spring)

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Geometry (Spring) Heather Cates

No Co-Teachers

07/15/2022 01:35 am/
11/27/2022 08:35 pm
Class Details
Floating Class:No
Term:Spring 2023
Description:Using the curriculum Math-U-See, students will learn about Geometry. The course includes learning about two and three-dimensional figures and their properties. In addition, students will use their algebra skills and deductive reasoning to complete geometric proofs. Each week, students will be taught a new lesson on Mondays with review and practice on Wednesdays. Video lessons will be made available for support.
Requirements:Requires Math-U-See Geometry Student Pack. This includes the student workbook and test book and costs about $45.
Category:Math - General Math
Homework:Up to 4 Hours Week
Enrollment Min/Max: Student : 2/10 (Waitlist)
Billable Hours Per Week:2
Admin Tier:Core
Admin Fee:$4, Term Total = $128
Class Fee:$140
Supply Fee:$2
Class Schedules
MondayRoom 2132:002:00 pm
2:50 pm
WednesdayRoom 2132:002:00 pm
2:50 pm

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