Multiplication (Spring)

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Multiplication (Spring) Jayri Zalozh

No Co-Teachers

07/15/2022 01:35 am/
11/27/2022 08:42 pm
Class Details
Floating Class:No
Term:Spring 2023
Description:This class will give students the knowledge they will need to know to solve multiplication problems. Students will first start by learning the multiplication facts. Then we will get into real world problems in which we use multiplication . he students will be required to complete a lesson a day and will have a test at the end of each week to assess their understanding of the material. Must be able to add and subtract double digit numbers.
Requirements:Requires Math U See Gama student book and test packets
Category:Math - General Math
Homework:Up to 3 Hours Week
Enrollment Min/Max: Student : 10/15 (Waitlist)
Billable Hours Per Week:2
Admin Tier:Core
Admin Fee:$4, Term Total = $128
Class Fee:$200
Supply Fee:$15
Class Schedules
MondayRoom 2081:001:00 pm
1:50 pm
WednesdayRoom 2081:001:00 pm
1:50 pm

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