The Founding Documents & Constitutional Government (Spring)

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The Founding Documents & Constitutional Government (Spring) Andrew Ringnalda

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07/15/2022 06:55 am/
11/27/2022 09:06 pm
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Floating Class:No
Term:Spring 2023
Description:This class will cover the founding documents that form the basis for the US government and its structure (Articles of Confederation, Declaration of Independence, US Constitution) and the writings of the men who wrote these documents (Federalist Papers and Anti-Federalist Papers). Students will need to create a free account with Hillsdale College Online. We will be using several of their online courses as the basis for this year-long civics course: Intro to the Constitution, Constitution 101, Constitution 201, Federalist Papers, Presidency and the Constitution, US Supreme Court, Congress: How it Works and Why It Doesn’t, Public Policy from a Constitutional Viewpoint, Civil Rights in American History, American Citizenship and Its Decline. Students should expect to spend about 1 hour each school day studying for this course. Instructor will administer and correct tests and keep grade records.
Category:Social Studies - Government
Homework:Up to 5 Hours Week
Enrollment Min/Max: Student : 6/12 (Waitlist)
Billable Hours Per Week:1
Admin Tier:Core
Admin Fee:$4, Term Total = $64
Class Fee:$100
Supply Fee:$0
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MondayRoom 21211:0011:00 am
11:50 am

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