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Teen Tutoring and Mentoring Collette Connor

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11/30/2022 10:08 pm/
11/30/2022 10:08 pm
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Floating Class:No
Term:Spring 2023
Description:TUTORING: Firmly Planted is excited to provide teens with the opportunity to earn money while tutoring a subject they’ve proven to be efficient in. The younger students being tutored benefit by learning from someone closer to their age, potentially creating a lasting friendship. Appointments with the teen tutors are all scheduled through Collette Connor (colletteconnorfirmlyplanted@gmail.com) at a standard rate of $17 an hour. MENTORING: A part of His Heart Foundation, MentorSuccess is a mentoring program that utilizes curated books, literature, and games to teach vital leadership success skills through a caring connection with a trained teen. This is a great opportunity for your student to form a relationship with an adult or teen mentor at the Center. These mentors will become like a buddy to your student as well as someone who will listen, read books, and play games with them. Your student may hardly notice how much they’re learning and the valuable life lessons being taught, while engaging in fun activities with their new friend and mentor. Appointments with mentors are all scheduled through Collette Connor (colletteconnorfirmlyplanted@gmail.com) at a standard rate of $17 an hour.
Category:Tutoring - Tutoring
Enrollment Min/Max:
Billable Hours Per Week:1
Admin Tier:Private
Admin Fee:$0, Term Total = $0
Class Fee:$17
Supply Fee:$0
Class Schedules
MondayRoom 2012:002:00 pm
2:50 pm
MondayRoom 20110:0010:00 am
10:50 am
MondayRoom 20111:0011:00 am
11:50 am
MondayPractice Rm C11:0011:00 am
11:50 am
TuesdayRoom 2013:003:00 pm
3:50 pm
TuesdayRoom 2083:003:00 pm
3:50 pm
WednesdayRoom 2012:002:00 pm
2:50 pm
WednesdayRoom 2011:001:00 pm
1:50 pm
WednesdayRoom 20112:0012:00 pm
12:50 pm
WednesdayRoom 20110:0010:00 am
10:50 am
ThursdayRoom 2012:002:00 pm
2:50 pm
ThursdayRoom 2011:001:00 pm
1:50 pm
ThursdayRoom 2083:003:00 pm
3:50 pm

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