Do you have questions about typical child development? Would you like a formal evaluation to determine if your child has a speech or language deficit, learning disability, or sensory difference? The Firmly Planted therapy team offers basic evaluations during our Spring and Fall Therapy Days. During your session, a therapist will complete standardized assessments tailored to your child's needs and provide you with a brief bullet point write-up of potential diagnosis and next step recommendations. We will also talk with you about questions & concerns after evaluating your child. If follow up treatment is recommended, we can walk you through basic home strategies (if that’s a good fit for your child) or refer your child to an outpatient clinic or therapist in Vancouver. The fee is $50 per session and your evaluation will be approximately 45 minutes long.

The Firmly Planted Homeschool Resource Center is host to a wide variety of specialists and professionals that are eager to help you with your homeschool journey! From private consulting to therapy sessions, we’ve got you covered!

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I can:

  • Help identify behavior issues that may be caused by underlying learning and thinking differences.
  • Teach strategies to improve focus, work habits, and be a more effective learner.
  • Teach time management and organization skills.
  • Work with parents to understand their child’s IEP or 504 plan and how to work with them at home, and advocate for them within the school setting.
  • Provide a safe environment for your child to talk about school or learning challenges and learn how to self-advocate.
  • Act as a link between home and school and/or help coordinate with other specialists both in and out of the school setting.
  • Work towards goals set forth by other school or private professionals working with your child.
  • Provide intervention level tutoring services and/or recommend programs to use with your struggling learner at home.

Do you...

  • Struggle identifying your child's learning style?
  • Suspect dyslexia, dyscalculia, or dysgraphia?
  • Need help implementing sensory strategies?
  • Wonder what curriculum is the best fit for your child?
  • Wish your child's IEP was tailored to your homeschooling goals?

I am a homeschool mom and licensed and registered occupational therapist and can help you in all these areas, and more! OT evaluations/consultations are $100 and are approximately 1 hour. They include formal administration and scoring of appropriate developmental assessments and written report of intervention suggestions, sensory diets, and/or curriculum recommendations. Your child does not need to have an existing IEP or developmental diagnosis to receive or benefit from OT services.

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