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Classes are available for all ages at the Homeschool Resource Center! From ballet to algebra, we have something for everyone.

Organic in nature, each session may offer different classes. Teachers at FPHRC are not hired staff, but rather "freelance" teachers. This is why you will find that the class list changes a bit each session, and the prices vary between classes. That said, some classes will continue through the whole school year. (The fall and spring terms will show up as linked for year-long classes.)

FPHRC is not a school. It is a resource center for homeschoolers. Classes are intended to supplement the education you are giving your kids at home.

Need some extra curricular activity? Join the theater; sign up for an art class! Math not your thing? Meet with one of our tutors; register your child for a math course! Uncomfortable teaching upper-level science? We offer a variety of science classes for high school, too!

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We are here to help and encourage you.

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Every class at the Homeschool Resource Center is divided into one of three categories: CORE, SPECIALTY, or ELECTIVE.
There is a lot happening at the Center, and these categories are intended to help you sort and choose which classes best fit your needs.


These are our top tier classes. CORE classes will have higher expectations of students, parents and teachers, and are meant to be our most academic courses. CORE classes are typically year-long. Expect a detailed syllabus, homework, and grading. If your child is taking a CORE class you won’t need to cover that subject area at home. If you’re looking for high school math, science or writing, for example, look to our CORE classes!


SPECIALTY classes will primarily consist of things like theater, dance and art. Many of these classes are near and dear to the Resource Center because they are an integral part of our building - our bee hive, recording studio, theater club, dance studio, etc. Any other academic subjects that will not be holding to the stricter guidelines of CORE classes could also fall into this category.


These are your fun, more laid back classes! Almost every pre-K level class will be an ELECTIVE, as well as classes that are not necessarily academically focused; i.e. juggling, cooking, sewing. Most student-taught classes also are considered ELECTIVES.

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