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*Tickets available starting Sunday, May 7th at 8am. There are no set limits in the amount of tickets you can buy this time, but please remember to only view the show once, unless you have siblings performing in different shows. You may purchase your tickets after you have signed up for your volunteer slots here.

Purchase Tickets

performance schedule

*Show A Dress Rehearsal: May 18th dressed and ready @5:30pm; pick up @7:00pm.
*Show B Dress Rehearsal: May 18th dressed and ready @7:00pm; pick up @9:00pm.


May 19 @ 6:00pm (arrive dressed and ready by 5:30)
May 20 @ 1:30pm (arrive dressed and ready by 1:00)

Tap 3
Choreography 101/102
Ballet 2 Youth B
Ballet 3
Ballet 1 Child A
Ballet 4
Dance Arts A
Dance Arts B
Lyrical 3
Lyrical 1 Youth
Tap 2
Ballet 2 Teen
Ballet 1 Youth
Hip Hop/Jazz Teen


May 20 @ 6:00pm (arrive dressed and ready by 5:30)
May 21 @ 3:00pm (arrive dressed and ready by 2:30)

Tap 3
Choreography 101/102
Tap 1
Ballet 4
Ballet 3
Ballet 1 Child B
Ballet 2 Youth A
Fairytales & Tutus
Lyrical 3
Ballet 1 Child C
Lyrical 1/2 Teen
Lyrical 3
Hip Hop/Jazz Jr
Hip Hop/Jazz Teen


As always, please be patient with parking for our dress rehearsals and shows. If you have littles one that need to leave the dress rehearsal early, feel free to take them home when they are done with their dance. Please pack your student a water bottle and non-messy snack for each event. They may also bring a book to read or quiet activity. The show will be streamed into the green room so they can watch and also be ready for their turn.

end of year dance party

You are invited to attend our end of the year Dance Class Party on Tuesday, May 23rd! Instead of having classes the last week of the semester, our teachers and their assistants host a post dance show celebration. Each class will have a time slot when they can arrive, turn in their costume (hand washed or spot cleaned/free of any deodorant residue), receive their certificates of class completion on the stage, dance and enjoy refreshments. See attached schedule for your student’s time slot. Certificates will be placed in the appropriate family mailbox for all students who are unable to attend. If you are unable to attend please communicate that with the teacher and either leave their costume at the center after the shows are over or drop your student’s costume off at the front desk by May 25th.


Ballet 1 Child A, B & C
Dance Arts A & B


Ballet 1 Youth
Ballet 2 Youth A & B
Lyrical 1 Youth


Hip Hop Jazz Junior
Tap 1, 2 & 3


Ballet Level 2, 3 & 4 Teen
Lyrical 1&2 Teen and Lyrical 3 Teen
Teen Hip Hop Jazz 2
Choreography 101 & 102

ballet class evaluations

ALL Ballet level 1, 2 and 3 classes will be having a testing class time on Thursday, May 25th to determine each dancer’s level for next year. Please make plans for your dancer to attend their appropriate time slot. Please notify your student’s teacher if you need to arrange a different time.

11:30 - Ballet 1 Child
12:00 - Ballet 1 Youth
2:00 - Ballet 2 Youth
2:30 - Ballet 2 Teen
3:00 - Ballet 3 Teen

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