We want to thank you for your patience with us as we continue to fine tune our registration database. Below you will find step-by-step instructions for how to register in our new system.

(new families only)

STEP 1) Create a login here.

STEP 2) Go to your user dashboard and join the FPHRC group.

STEP 3) Follow the steps to complete your registration and create family profiles. Note: your children must have accurate birthdays and be marked as a “child” in the family position drop-down menu to be able to register for classes.

Congrats! You are now a member of our group. An admin will confirm you shortly.


STEP 4) From your user dashboard, select “Class Registrations.”

STEP 5) Register one child at a time. Choose which child you would like to start with and select “Register” (this is also where you can go to see which classes your kids are registered in by selecting “Enrolled”). Be sure you have the correct term selected.

STEP 6) Select classes for your child! You can use the filter menu on the left to narrow your search. Hit the green plus sign next to the class to register to add it to your class list at the top of the screen. Continue adding classes in this manner, then hit “save registrations.” To remove a class, simply hit the red x next to the class name on the class list and hit “Save Registrations.”

STEP 7) You must register for private lessons and tutoring in the same manner. The teacher will contact you to coordinate a time for lessons, at which point your child will be moved from the waitlist to a status of enrolled.

STEP 8) Go back to your "Family Registrations" page and register the rest of your children in the same manner.

***Remember, the Center is meant to be supplemental. An ideal number of classes per student is 1-3. We suggest trying to condense your classes to one or two days.


STEP 9) Once you have selected ALL of the classes for EACH of your students, click the Finalize Enrollments button to secure their enrollments. The enrollments will be finalized when the term membership fee and a deposit of 25% of admin fees is paid. This payment is non-refundable. You can finalize enrollments from the class registrations page. If you do not finalize your enrollments with a payment within 24 hours of registering, your child will be dropped from their classes.

STEP 10) Make a credit card payment through our secure system. You may do a partial payment (which includes the $100 membership fee and 25% of admin fees) or a full payment.


STEP 11) ALL FAMILIES taking classes at FPHRC must attend a group orientation. Contact Cathy Fant on Slack (see below) with questions.

STEP 12) If you are new to the Center, join Slack from the invitation link in your user dashboard. FPHRC does all of our communication on our external Slack app.

STEP 13) Pay your teachers. Individual teachers accept payment in different ways, view your invoices from your user dashboard for details. All teacher payments are due in full 2 weeks prior to the start of classes unless a payment plan has been set up with the teacher. Teachers typically create invoices after the first week of registration.


Registration works best on a computer; if you are having trouble on a mobile device, try a desktop instead.

If it looks as though you don’t have a registration time available, you are probably in the wrong term. Be sure to select the correct term from the class registrations page.

If you took classes last term and are unable to register, you may have a balance due on your account. Be sure you have paid last term’s balance in full before you register.

If you get a message to “Please select a class in your age group” for a class that your child is old enough to take, double check their birthday is entered correctly in their profile. Any age exemptions must be approved by the teacher.

If a class you want is full, feel free to register your child on the waitlist. Remember, teachers and volunteers get early access to registration.

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